Winter was coming, so my best friend Lydia and I started to plan to go shopping for new clothes. Since yesterday was a fine day with bright sunshine. In my hometown, there were seldom sunny days but always with cloudy or rainy all days in a week. Therefore, when happened to a sunny day, people will all get out of their houses to go travel or shopping together.
Last week, I had seen one of my classmates wear a coat whose brand was Abercrombie and Fitch which was really beautiful, so I wanted to see if there were some clothes which could be suit to me. The day before yesterday, I asked Lydia to go to my home together to make a decision on which clothes we should buy. I put out my computer and opened it quickly wanting to search for the clothes. For a while, we became confused by two names, these were, Abercrombie and Fitch and Abercrombie. The two words were too similar to distinguish. Fortunately, we had known the difference between them from the internet that time. If not, we might make the mistake over the brand of the clothes that we bought which could cause us ridiculous. Classmates would laugh at us or make jokes on us all the time just because of this thing. Thinking of this, we felt very glad we have learned that. And we might have the chance to give someone a lesson.
Since there was no store which was selling the brand of Abercrombie in my hometown, we had no choice but go to the store selling Abercrombie and Fitch, though the clothes in both stores were all very beautiful and specially designed for young ladies. Yesterday, we got up so early that the store was still closed, but after half an hour, there began a lot of people walking along the street. The street became full of activity quickly. When the store was open, we jostled to enter into, and I found there were some other classmates among those people. At the end, we knew that the store discounted all clothing, so they all wanted to buy one at a lower price.
Later, we all bought one or two. I bought one coat and one sweater. We had a whale of a time at the store. I really believed that going shopping together can enhance the friendship between girls. At least, after yesterday, I found we who were buying clothes together can get well with each other more easily. And we still planned to go shopping the other time. I became to love the bright sunshine more and more.
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