Switzerland Info

Switzerland Info

A country with diverse landlocked and mountainous setting, excellent accommodations, great food and wine, countless attractions and activities, plus an added international feel that perfectly blends with the fusion of Italian, German, and French dynamic national culture, Switzerland makes for a lofty brilliant vacation experience for a lot of tourists.

Switzerland’s neutrality and liberty that has fashioned an intercontinental atmosphere enjoyed by its visitors, combined with its natural charm, has preserved the country’s tourism and has placed it continuously as one of the most famous travel destinations of the world. About twenty million tourists from all around the globe visit Switzerland every year for biking, trekking, skiing, mountain climbing, and shopping. Tourists can choose from over three-hundred-fifty villages to visit, hundreds of hiking tails, ski slopes, biking routes, hotels, restaurants, and museums all throughout the country.

Some important general Switzerland info for travelers planning to visit the country may be helpful in giving a bird’s eye view about the country that includes the following:

Switzerland info #1 – Weather
Switzerland enjoys an array of regional and local microclimates, mainly due to its mountainous landscape. In the south, Ticino has a warm, Mediterranean weather; however, the majority of the rest of country enjoys a central European weather. During summers, the temperatures are usually in low to mid 20ºC, and during the winter between 2 to 6ºC. Travelers have to be ready for a variety of temperatures reliant on altitude. For those who want to enjoy outdoor pursuits, except skiing, summer is the best and most agreeable time to visit.

Switzerland Info #2 – People, Society, and Language
Switzerland is a mixture of cultures with populace of German at about 63.7%, Italian 6.4%, French 20.4%, Romansch 0.5%, and other about nine percent. There is also a blend of religion from Roman Catholics, to Protestants, to Muslims, to Orthodox Christian, and others. There are also four main languages spoken in the country where French, Italian, and German are the official languages, and Romansch is the used as the official tongue for Romansch-speaking people. English is growingly taught at an early age.

Switzerland Info #3 – Currency, Time, and Government
Switzerland’s currency is Swiss Franc, shortened as CHF, and issued in banknotes denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000CHF. The country’s time zone is GMT/UTC +1 with daylight saving time starting on the last Sunday of March and ending in October’s last Sunday. The government type of Switzerland is Confederation with direct democracy.

Switzerland is an amazing and beautiful country to travel to, there’s more to just the natural charisma that façades the country. Exploring and discovering what lies beneath the dramatic scenery, quiet charm, first-rate cuisine, and stylish culture is one of the most fantastic experiences a traveler can come across with.

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