The world’s most livable cities in 2021

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has selected the best ones in the world by keeping them in the favourite, such as the living city, urban infrastructure, education and access to healthcare. According to the reports to be published in 140 places to be replaced, Auckland ranked first among livable cities.

It’s being targeted from the planned targets to target New Zealand’s most populous city.

Auckland led the list, followed by Osaka in Japan, Adelaide in Australia, Wellington in New Zealand and Tokyo, the capital of Japan. No city from England was able to enter the top 10. In the list, it is striking that cities in Europe declined, while those in Australia, Japan and New Zealand rose.

The goal in question is from coronavirus to a kindergarten, reducing and not restricting cases to minimize cases.

The report said that Auckland rose to the top in the product from the pandemic “Covid-19. European cities performed particularly well on this list. 8 of the 10 biggest drops in the ranking were shown in Europe.”

Highlighting the Austrian capital, Vienna, from first place to 12th, has been drawn in the headlines of the list for several years now. It was stated with the phrase 47th, 34th place, that Hamburg, which hosted Germany, also had a tough experience.

In addition, there are many statements that “the places to live in the world are old and regions such as Europe have experienced a particularly hard blow”.

The 10 livable cities in 2021 are listed as follows:

Auckland, New Zealand
Osaka, Japan
Adelaıde, Australıa
Wellıngton, New Zealand
Tokyo, Japan
Perth, Australıa
Zurıch, Swıtzerland
Geneva, Swıtzerland
Melbourne, Australıa
Brısban, Australıa


Damascus, Syria
Damascus, Syria
Lagos, Nıgerıa
Port Moresby, Papua New Guınea
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Algerıa, Algerıa
Trıblus, Lıbya
Karachı, Pakıstan
Harare, Zimbabwe
Douala, Cameroon
Caracas, Venezuela

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